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Welcome to UNTAMED Houston's newest women's fitness support group brought to you by Houston Fitness Guru. Join our community of fitness fanatics and get engaging, inspiring and insightful content that will motivate you along the way on your fitness journey.

-Houston Fitness Guru

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The Fitness industry has experienced revolution that has taken the nation by storm. Women's Fitness has grown exponentially and women from all walks of life are taking charge of their health. UNTAMED is a new space where woman can be a part of community that understand her and her unique challenges as a woman. Join our community of ladies who refuse to be placed inside a box- UNTAMED a new home for the Fierce & the Fit.

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Houston Strong- We're Grateful for YOU!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Houston, Tx

Our city has persevered through one of the nation's toughest weather disasters. As the holiday season fast approaches we as Houstonians have much to be thankful for. Less than 90 days ago our city was saturated with over 1 billion gallons of torrential rain from Hurricane Harvey. But today, we stand tougher and stronger than ever before. The same strength that we seen exibited across our city is the same strength our fitness family puts on display every-time they push past their limits.

Watching you grow beyond your limitations has been motivating for us as a fitness firm and we at Houston Fitness Guru are proud to partner with such amazing women. We're grateful for YOU!


In 2017 you all inspired us to grow as a fitness firm and in 2018 our growth will be your gain.


Let's grind & grow together











                                     Houston Fitness Guru



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